We helped design KissKissBankBank, a funding platform for creative projects


Financing and pulling off an ambitious project, whether personal or professional, with one’s own funds, or through traditional sources like banks, is an immense challenge. KissKissBankBank is a funding platform that enables anyone with an artistic, creative, innovative, bold, humanistic, scientific, sports, or green project to:

  • Raise funding from their network and the community for their project
  • Keep 100% ownership and control over their project
  • Connect with people who fund their project

Additionally, the platform allows project creators to pre-sell their products to fund their projects, or gather funds to promote them.

Thanks to the 1080€ I managed to raise on KissKissBankBank, I was able to finance my trek to Nepal.

JB Oudart, Illustrator


Business Challenges

Crowd-funding is the act of individuals coming together to support and fund projects (that usually face difficulties to access traditional financing, such as banks, business angels, and investors) by other people.

The concept of crowd-funding isn’t new, but it took the Internet to truly revolutionize it. Given the crisis context the global economy is currently struggling with, crowd-funding is an interesting tool for project owners, in view of traditional financers freezing their credits. It holds an enormous potential as a new model for raising capital.

Project Challenges

  • Developing a platform where financial transactions are carried out implied achieving high security levels.
  • Understanding the core community-funding mechanisms based on concepts of mutual help, trust, exchange and feedback – and bringing them to an online platform.
  • Building robust community features to help users engage with the projects and their creators, as well as help creators promote their projects.


  • Launched in 2010, the platform has proven wildly successful: in its first year alone, more than 200 projects were created and funded, with over 250,000€ raised in total.
  • KissKissBankBank is today one of the most credible authorities in the crowd-funding space in France.
  • KissKissBankBank opens up to its users the possibility of investing with complete confidence, promoting and following a project realization and its audience evolution.
  • With an industry-standard security technology put in place by af83, KissKissBankBank guarantees to its users the security of the financial transactions carried out on the platform


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