La Villette Communication Strategy

Strategic Design


The EPPGHV (the public organization in charge of La Villette Park and Grande Halle) was in search of a new strategic positioning to place itself as a major player of the Ile-de-France social and cultural life. The structure was particularly searching to embody a complex identity and multiple missions to obtain more visibility.


Our mission was defining a global media strategy, based on a user-centered approach: a 360° communication strategy with a media ecosystem, each of them with its sense of uniqueness, but yet holding a common and strong identity.


We did a first research and analysis phase, with three main aspects:

  • Analysis of what already existed (the presence of websites, online and social networks), by our Digital Communication team
  • A benchmark of French and international parks and cultural places. The structures we studied were chosen either because they had similar nature, or because they had set in place interesting initiatives.
  • Analysis of the different audiences visiting the place, lead by two UX Designers. We performed five in situ observation sessions (using the shadowing method: following and watching with no intervention and without the person noticing it), coupled with interviews of the staff interacting with the visitors, and the analysis of a study collection (both internal and external).

During the second phase, we synthesized the research, through visitor personas and their journeys, and proposed practical and strategic recommendations based on our various observations and experiences.


We were able to establish recommendations for a global communication strategy. First, we developed them under concrete actions to optimize the existing channels, so the EPPGHV could deploy the new strategy quickly and for a limited cost. We also proposed three operational strategies, as well as changes in the internal organization (in particular, creating transversal positions to centralize communication and social networks management).


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