Livre de Poche

Redesigning from the ground up the user experience of


Le Livre de Poche is a subsidiary of Hachette Livre, the leading French publisher, with 1 billion volumes distributed since its inception and over 14,000 titles published since 1953. is an online platform that allows readers to buy books online, create online profiles, share content with others, and more.


Business Challenges

The publishing industry is undergoing fundamental changes due to the constant growth of online selling of books and the rise of new media such as e-books.

Faced with this situation, Le Livre de Poche, a brand with a powerful mind share, knew it had to come up with new ways of promoting, distributing and commercializing books, and new ways of interacting with its readers, who are today focused on the web, social networks, and community sites. The ultimate way was redesigning from the ground up their existing online platform.

Project Challenges

  • Integrating community mechanics into the new platform.
  • Implementing an e-commerce logic: the community dimension acts as a prescription lever and helps promote the act of purchasing.
  • Ensuring brand consistency: visually unify all the group websites with a set of common graphic guidelines that can be adapted depending on the sites’ primary purposes.


For the redesign of the Livre de Poche platform, our UX designers set in place a UX strategy that led to consider a site characterized by 3 distinct dimensions:

  • A corporate website presenting Le Livre de Poche’s brand and its news
  • An e-commerce site offering a rich catalog of books
  • A community site where users can create their profiles and personal spaces, as well as generate and share content

On this basis, we then designed coherent graphic guidelines, emphasizing the three distinct dimensions of the site and ensuring a unified look and feel.

Commerce Guys, our e-commerce subsidiary, managed the entire development of the new platform.


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