Madonna Hard Candy

Broadcasting the launch concert of Madonna’s Hard Candy album


We helped Vodafone broadcast the launch concert of Madonna’s album Hard Candy to 100,000 viewers across 14 different countries.

Vodafone is the world’s second biggest telecommunication company, operating in more than 30 countries and boasting 439 million subscribers (December 2011).

In 2008, Vodafone signed with Warner Music International the exclusive launch of Madonna’s album Hard Candy. To achieve a worldwide impact, and offer the fans a next-generation experience, they wanted to organize an exceptional concert and broadcast it live online.

In 2007, af83 created af83 live, an interactive platform for broadcasting live concerts over the Internet and mobile devices. The platform featured a virtual concert hall, where the viewer could switch between different cameras as well as access numerous social features. After a few months in service, several shows had been streamed to audiences of around 7000 simultaneous viewers.


Business Challenges

Broadcasting this concert was part of a broader strategy for Vodafone. With an ever-increasing globalization of music offerings and the telecom industry, and an explosive growth of music consumption on mobile devices, Vodafone wanted more than ever to establish itself as an industry leader.

This is why Vodafone and Warner Music International came up with a cross-channel operation, offering pre-release tracks, exclusive content (ring tones, wallpapers, etc.) and a special concert for the operator’s subscribers.

Project Challenges

  • Providing Vodafone with an efficient tool to broadcast the launch concert worldwide, with an immersive and social experience
  • Getting the entire project up and running in a record 3-weeks time
  • Handling a massive extra load, while guaranteeing top-notch stability


Thanks to af83’s rapid mobilization of its team, the platform was ready on schedule for the broadcast, and scaled from 7000 to 100,000 users with no performance loss.

The Vodafone customers were offered a unique and immersive experience, and could share this exclusive Madonna concert wherever they were in the world.