monAlbumPhoto Greeting Cards

af83 designed and built an application to create personalized greetings card on line


Founded in 2004, is today one of the French leader of online photo album selling, with 20% of the market. The company manages the production cycle from start to finish, including creation and manufacturing. Since 2010 it’s a part of the M6 group.

At the end of 2012, af83 built for monAlbumPhoto a web application allowing its customers to create on line and print really easily personalized Greetings cards. Thanks to this application, the company broadens its portfolio, while capitalizing on its knowledge of the printing and manufacturing industry.


Business Challenges

Before, the user of had to download software in order to create and print any kind of personalized item.  This software being available only for the operating system Windows, the company was cut from an important potential market. This is why it was essential for monAlbumPhoto to extend their technical covering to other platforms thanks to the latest web technologies.

However, porting the whole software online with the same functional scope would have been a very complex and long work. So we suggested another approach: Creating a solution in order to offer new services that doesn’t compete with the current offer but instead widens it, and gradually building the new online platform.

Project Challenges

To achieve this ambitious goal, our experts tackled the following challenges:

  • Developing a new application, using only the latest web technologies, and following agile and lightweight methodologies
  • Creating an application offering modern and responsive interfaces, focusing on user-friendliness and rapidity.
  • Generating on the fly, from the interface web, the PDF file allowing the custom Greetings cards printing
  • Integrating the application to platform and the company information system
  • Delivering the project in really short deadline, to comply with the service seasonality


  • A close collaboration between the af83 and monAlbumPhoto teams, thanks to our agile approach
  • An intuitive interface allowing the user to choose and create a personalized item with only a few clicks
  • A full-featured back-office interface for the monAlbumPhoto team, allowing them to really easily update the application product base
  • A rock-solid back-end to answer the workload peaks


  • Screen_shot_2013-05-20_at_19.10.16
  • Screen_shot_2013-05-20_at_19.15.41
  • Screen_shot_2013-05-20_at_19.20.25