Co-design workshop


Nettelo is a young startup, which offers its users a mobile application to create their 3D silhouette. With only 2 pictures, they can then choose the more adapted clothes for their measurements, follow up their morphological evolution... The applications are numerous. Created in 2012, the company is currently in a fundraising phase.


With a first version already available for a large audience, Nettelo wanted to quickly improve the existing, especially on the discovery and first use issues, but also on the user global journey.


In an agile and lightweight approach, our intervention went on a full day, with a co-design workshop gathering a part of the Nettelo team and two UX designers. We launched the workshop with a presentation and an exchange about onboarding best practices and practical examples.

Then everyone worked to analyze the existing: discovery of the application but also global experience and user journey, in order to determine what represents value for it, the more interesting or expected features…

We proceeded then to a collaborative ideation work to improve this first version of the application, through alternate rounds of individual sketching and group exchange. Finally, a new journey with the corresponding screens was created.


Thanks to this workshop, Nettelo quickly obtained feedback on its application, and elaborated improvements simple to implement and deploy.

And beyond this result, the Nettelo team was able to make the stakes and methods of User Experience its own through this collaborative workshop.


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