User experience design


Paris Aéroport is the second largest airport group in Europe in terms of turnover, and the first for the freight and transport, with around 200 airline companies on its platforms - the main are Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The company develops its services in order to facilitate the passengers’ daily and the employees’ work.  Thus, MyWay mobile application has been developed : a very powerful indoors tracking system that allows to locate anywhere in the parisian terminals and localize all the key points.


Although the technical achievement was acquired at the first version, the application user experience had to be improved. Paris Aéroport needed af83 to identify the technical innovation uses and prioritize the second version’s functionalities according to uses scenarios.


In order to measure the gap between the expectations and the realization, we have observed and followed the passengers, and tested in situ the application’s first version in the different terminals. This had led experience scenarios presented in the form of pencil drafts, which have been translated in interfaces sequences. The team has deduced the list of the main functionalities (backblog) for a MVP version (Minimum Viable Product) of the second version.


The mission enabled the Paris Aéroport team to evaluate and estimate the project’s second version scale, and launch the project with maximum guarantee of success.


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