User experience design


Paris Aéroport is the second largest airport group in Europe in terms of turnover, and the first for the freight and transport, with around 200 airline companies on its platforms - the main are Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The company develops its services in order to facilitate the passengers everyday life and the employees work. Thus, it developed the PRIMA Mobile app to help the mobile staff in their daily tasks: helping and informing the passengers to find their departure gate, their luggage, transportation mean, shops…


Paris Aéroport wanted af83 to help specify the second version’s features with several ambitions:

  • Specifying the features according to the first users’ feedbacks on the app first version;
  • Adapting its new features to the actual mobility contexts;
  • Enrolling this app in their global strategy: putting the collaborators at the heart of the client relationship.


We launched the mission with a workshop to get familiar with the app first version, involving the different stakeholders (Paris Aéroport team, agencies in charge of the staff and app development). We followed on with regular meetings through co-design workshops.

We followed staff members in three different zones of the airport (flight connections, luggage delivery and passports security control) and interviewed them during the in situ observation phase.

We developed use scenarios based on this information to reveal and structure the features and key contents: main tasks, associated functionalities and goals for the different work zones. We shared the results with the Paris Aéroport teams during a restitution meeting.


Thanks to this diagnostic phase, Paris Aéroport teams were able to prioritize the features, understand better the collaborators needs on the field and identify new uses in a mobility context.


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