SEB - Applied Research Project

User Experience Design


Group SEB is a French company and a world leader in small household equipment with profit of 4.1 billion euros in 2012. It employs roughly 25.000 employees in 49 countries.


The Group SEB launched OPEN FOOD SYSTEM (OFS), a nationwide research project over several years, supported by six clusters and gathering 25 partners (manufacturers, academics and researchers). They work together to build a reference ecosystem facilitating meal preparation, by offering innovative contents, devices and services.

Their goal is to develop digital kitchen solutions for the consumer market. The project aims at making accessible smart cooking devices and recipes to professionals and consumer markets by offering customized services adapted to the user's needs and profile.


The af83 UX design team is working on the prototyping and test phases of the project. This collaborative project is nourished by the consortium knowledge and technical capacities of our partner: the results of their research regarding social, behavior and human studies or state-of-art technologies.


The ambition of the project is to offer a technological platform to partners and startups so they can design and test new services that will shift tomorrow`s kitchen and way of cooking. Among other initiatives, in 2014 an incubator was established in Burgundy, France.


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