SFR Jeunes Talents

We helped SFR develop and launch SFR Jeunes Talents, the first branded social platform in France


SFR is one of the leading French telecommunications companies, with over 20 million customers.

SFR Jeunes Talents (Read: SFR Young Talents) is a community platform to help promote and discover new, young talents on mobile and the web, by bringing music, literature, photography and video themes together on a single platform. It represents a key affinity program of the brand’s institutional policy, and promotes many artists in these domains through philanthropy and talent scouting.


Business Challenges

To strengthen its leadership in the highly competitive telecom sector in France, and better respond to growing consumer sophistication, SFR knew they had to expand the business with new, innovative service offerings – and fast.

So they came up with a strategic initiative: create a branded mobile and web platform that brings together the future artists and art lovers as a way of attracting younger customers, while promoting a youthful and avant-garde brand image. This became SFR Jeunes Talents.

Project Challenges

Bringing an ambitious and complex project like SFR Jeunes Talents to life required an intense collaborative effort and strategic focus. Particularly challenging was:

  • Managing a diverse and dynamic community of passionate talents
  • Aggregating all the different art movements onto a single community platform
  • Putting in place multi-format players (photos, text, video, and music) and systems for complex contest calls


  • Design, implementation and development of the entire web and mobile platforms.
  • Real-time editorial management: rich content created and curated by our editors, including live reports, video interviews, pictures, chronicles, and more.
  • Thanks to af83’s ongoing community management work, the platform is today home to a dynamic and rich community of over 140,000 users and artists.
  • To date, the platform features more than 50,000 music tracks and hundreds of thousands of photography works.
  • In just two years, SFR Jeunes Talents has become a reference for artist discovery, especially in the photography domain.


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