SFR Music

We worked with SFR to design and build SFR Music, one of the top 5 music platforms in France


SFR is one of the leading French telecommunications companies, with over 20 million customers. As a value-added service, SFR Music aims at gathering more clients around the SFR brand through a community and publishing platform focused on live content and discovery and available to professionals and the general public.


Business Challenge

SFR was seeking to strengthen its position as an innovator in the world of music, and reinforce its image of a young and dynamic company. Developing an online platform that brings together music fans around their brand was an essential element to take the strategy forward.

Project Challenges

  • Ensuring proper functioning of the platform with hosting, outsourcing, maintenance and support combined.
  • Bringing together the full spectrum of expertise areas – community management, web mastering, and moderation – involved in the site’s operation and its audience development.
  • Mobilizing the internal resources to answer the technical, functional and marketing requirements.


af83 designed and developed a platform that is not only content-management oriented, but also offers a streaming service for broadcasting live the concerts sponsored by SFR.

  • To date, over 50,000 tracks online
  • A rich community of over 300,000 users and artists
  • SFR Music is today one of the top 5 music sites in France
  • Over 14,000 Facebook fans, and 1600 Twitter followers


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