The Atelier SFR

We helped SFR design and develop the Atelier SFR, its first co-innovation platform.


SFR is one of the leading French telecommunications companies, with over 20 million customers. The Atelier SFR (Read: SFR Workshop) is an online platform dedicated to co-innovation, co-creation and beta testing. The idea behind the platform is creating innovative products and services by bringing together a community of enthusiasts to beta-test new products and participate in their evolution by pointing out defects and suggesting new features.


Business Challenge

SFR was seeking to come up with a platform that directly involves the customer and places him at the heart of new innovations. In addition, SFR wanted to develop the loyalty of a very specific customer segment, the expert Internet users. In return, Atelier SFR gives these ambassadors the chance to use unreleased technologies and products (e-book, hubster, HomeScoper, applications, and more).

Project Challenge

  • Designing a high-quality community platform promoting the opinions of expert Internet users
  • Promoting innovation in products as well as services


  • Development and design of the entire platform, including the technical architecture, based on Drupal
  • Advanced community features with specialized tools for beta testers. L’Atelier SFR has become an example for community sites, putting beta-testers at the heart of the SFR innovation center
  • To date, the platform gathers a vibrant community of over 50 000 beta testers
  • An online magazine promoting the latest innovations to a community fond of novelty


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