VINCI Park - Interactive kiosk

Experience Design


VINCI Park is a VINCI Concessions’ subsidiary and a global player in every area of urban mobility and parking. A French leader in the parking industry, it recently obtained an important development abroad. In 2010, the company managed 2600 parking lots representing 1.6 million parking slots in 13 countries. In 2014, 75% of their capital was sold to the investment fund Ardian and to Crédit Agricole’s insurance branch.


More than just a company offering parking services to vehicles, VINCI Park wanted to become an actor of mobility, enabling its clients to switch means of transportation on a broader journey. To do so, several new services (bicycle or umbrella loan, etc.) were developed to facilitate this transition.  Thanks to some pilot parkings, like Rivoli Lobau in the center of Paris, VINCI Park is able to offer and test these new services and concepts in actual conditions.

The company wanted to roll out interactive kiosks in these areas to:

  • Turn the parking lot into a mobility hub offering different services to their users
  • Be part of an increasingly connected city by providing multiple information available thanks to their partners


Our UX Designers first designed the main screens and user flows, taking into account the context of use: users are often in a hurry and are looking for added value; a great quantity of information and services provided by different partners.

A Creative Director then worked on the graphic identity and the different screens of the kiosk, emphasizing a clean and modern style easily compatible with all the services. Finally a library of graphic elements was created from the graphic templates, to allow the screens integration through the kiosk`s back-office.


The collaboration between the UX Designer and the Creative Director gave birth to a modern and consistent experience: simple and clear screens guide the user through the different new services and adapt themselves to each external service thanks to the modular elements library (buttons, typography, banner).


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