VINCI Park - Website

Design and development


VINCI Park is a VINCI Concessions’ subsidiary and a global player in every area of urban mobility and parking. A French leader in the parking industry, it recently obtained an important development abroad. In 2010, the company managed 2600 parking lots representing 1.6 million parking slots in 13 countries. In 2014, 75% of their capital was sold to the investment fund Ardian and to Crédit Agricole’s insurance branch.


More than just a company offering parking services to vehicles, VINCI Park wanted to become an actor of mobility, enabling its clients to switch means of transportation on a broader journey. To do so, several new services (bicycle or umbrella loan, etc.) were developed to facilitate this transition.

Willing to go further, VINCI Park wanted to develop new digital services (online subscription and renewal, parking slot booking, etc.) and help its clients in their journey with a multimodal calculator to find the best parking lot near their destination.


The project started with a behavioral study in some of the parking lots to identify the users journey, contact points and unformulated needs. This approach was to create and highlight various features and opportunities for the user.

A website was developed with the following technologies: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and HTML. The af83 team also implemented responsive design to make it as easy to browse on a mobile device.  The advanced features like point of interest (POI) geo-location and route calculation were built on the Google and Moviken APIs.


Thanks to this website, VINCI Park distinguishes itself and demonstrates its value to final customers and, foremost, to upstream customers like local authorities, malls, hospitals, airports, etc. which grant the parking concessions. The platform we built also allows country units, like in Brazil, to deploy a dedicated and localized website.


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