We designed and developed WeLoveWords, the first French social network for writers


Similar to social platforms like YouTube for video fans, Myspace for artists, or LinkedIn for professionals, WeLoveWords is a social platform for writers. Poets, storytellers, lyricists, humorists, and anyone who writes, can post, share and promote their text, meet other writers and find partners.


Business Challenges

In today’s world, online social networks are becoming the way of life. There are community sites for almost any type of user interests or activities, from research to travelling to politics, and what not. A notable exception, however, was a community platform for writers.

With this in mind, Gregory Nicolaidis set out on a mission: to create the first online platform that brings together literature lovers, writers and readers. To accomplish his goal, he came up to af83 and tasked us with designing and developing the platform from the ground up.

Project Challenges

To get to the bottom of the project, we embarked on a discovery and learning mission. Most compelling and challenging was discovering:

  • How to manage such a heterogeneous community in its literature practice
  • The criteria to rely on to address the community in a forceful way
  • How to encourage users to openly express themselves
  • How to ensure the protection of intellectual property


af83 is more than an agency. Above all, it's a team of talented, curious people who excel in what they do.

Grégory Nicolaïdis, Founder, WeLoveWords

  • Launched in 2010, WeLoveWords has today a community of 10,000 writers and well over 100,000 visitors.
  • Advanced sharing and publishing features for poems, tales, songs, slogans, novels, and other texts.
  • An innovative certification system for protecting text and buying in one click.
  • A platform integrating extensive social features such as private profiles, votes, awards, and more.


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